Why is a condominium maintenance plan necessary?

Think about what you do to care for your home, car, or pet. There are certain tasks you tick off with each to extend its lifespan, like wiping down counters, changing the oil every few thousand miles, or springing for flea and tick medicine. These preventative maintenance measures matter because they protect what matters to you.

As a building owner, member of a condo association, or building manager, you need to be aware of your building’s maintenance plan. Building maintenance is vital because it helps prevent not only localized failures, but possibly even a collapse of the entire building.

Buildings require some maintenance tasks monthly, some semiannually, and others annually. Regardless of exactly when they occur, you and your maintenance team should be aware of them — even as far as scheduling them in your shared calendars.

  • Performing coastal condominium inspections for defects is key to any maintenance plan. Walk the main areas of the building once a month to check for faults like visual exterior building issues, spalling, water damage, sagging ceilings, termite damage, and more.
  • Visit each rental space — both exterior and interior — at least every six months.
  • Pay special attention to waterproofing and sealants.
  • When something needs fixing, make sure you do it correctly and thoroughly instead of taking the quick and easy route. A little extra cost now to do it right is infinitely better than the crippling cost you may pay later if you cut corners.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive and stay on top of your maintenance and repairs.
  • Complete maintenance tasks in a timely manner.

By staying up to date on your condominium’s building maintenance schedules, you and your condo association can ensure that you’re always aware of any pending and future upgrades needed so you can prepare for them. According to The Washington Post’s article about the recent condo collapse in Florida, 80% of associations faced unplanned repairs between 2016 and 2019.

If you let your maintenance plan and repairs lapse, you’re risking lives. A structural failure is a good way to make national and even international headlines — in the worst way possible. Working with a specialized condominium structural engineering firm, like Construction Solutions, can help you determine and understand your building’s maintenance plan. Especially when living in a coastal environment, a clearly defined plan lets your occupants know that you care about their safety.

Learn more about what happens when you don’t stick to a maintenance plan by checking out our free Surfside Condominium collapse webinar.

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