3 essential steps to prepare for hurricane season

As the 2022 hurricane season takes off, property owners want to ensure they are prepared for any force of nature thrown their way.

Aside from the standard testing of generators and dusting off your battery-operated radios, safeguarding your building is a key part of preparing for hurricane season. Whether commercial, institutional, or residential, each structure needs to be in tiptop shape before heavy storms roll in. Here are three vital components to check off your list while ensuring your building is ready to withstand the strong forces of hurricane season.

  • Is your building in a flood zone?
    High influxes of rainfall, flat terrain, and countless bodies of water make flooding a top concern for Floridians during heavy storms. Whether your building lines the coast or lies farther inland, everyone is susceptible to water invading their front doors. As a property owner, learning to recognize and assess your building for any structural flaws that may allow water to seep in is essential.
  • Are there any outside objects that could pose a threat to your structure?
    While fallen trees and branches may come to mind first, don’t overlook outdoor decorations. Signs, banners, and any small objects that strong winds could pick up should be moved indoors, and you should board up windows to protect the glass. Move any objects near windows inside toward the innermost areas in case something shatters the window panes.
  • Do you have an emergency response plan?
    Whether evacuating or hunkering down for the storm, it is important to have a plan in case something goes wrong. Stocking up on non-perishables and creating a first-aid kit are essential, but what about emergency plans for your building? Property owners should refresh their knowledge on insurance policies, keep insurance cards in sealable plastic bags, and take pictures of their buildings before the storm. Having some household tools on hand for minor damage is also a good idea.

While there is only so much one can do to prepare, taking steps to secure your building can deter preventable mishaps from damaging the structural frame. Check out our emergency response services and learn why timely damage assessments are important to further prepare for hurricane season.

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