Construction industry in 2022: Protective equipment trends

We already know the safety issues that come with the construction industry, but the year 2022 seems to be bringing even more safety equipment to the field. The main one is robots. 

Machines are becoming more and more prominent, which is changing the construction industry. They are making construction safer and faster than ever before — these machines can monitor and help construction workers.

Some ways they are monitoring workers is with wearable technology. Such technology includes smartwatches, smart boots, smart hard hats, and smart monitors in general. 

Many people have a smartwatch for personal reasons, but smartwatches are also moving to make construction sites safer. Smartwatches have the ability to monitor workers’ activities, such as their heart rate and oxygen levels, and to detect a fall. Not only that, but they also provide a quick, easy, and accessible way to communicate with others on the construction site. 

Smart construction boots also provide better safety to workers. These boots, specially designed for construction workers, contain sensors with temperature detection, a tracker, fall detection, and other features. These could help prevent a safety disaster before it happens. 

Smart hard hats have also come to light within the past couple of years. Using technology, these already necessary safety protocols developed even more powerful safety features. Such features include detecting fatigue and preventing microsleep (short periods of sleep) and proximity issues. 

Smart monitors are also a huge part of the new wave of personal protective equipment. These devices are worn or put into clothing items to monitor heart rate, location, temperature, and other things, sort of like the smartwatch mentioned above. Smart monitors are a part of the items mentioned previously, but they can also go in other items such as a vest, be worn on the arm, or placed in a pocket to achieve the same effects.

Another PPE invention is noise-canceling headphones. While these aren’t new to us, the fact that they can cancel out noise to allow construction workers to focus on their task without disturbance in a noisy environment is groundbreaking. It’s not only a protocol for protecting workers’ hearing — it helps stop distractions and focuses workers on their tasks to increase safety. 

Machines are also helping construction workers. Workers no longer have to move heavy things using only their strength or other tedious manual tasks all the time because machines now lend aid.

While this might scare some people, just know that machines are not taking over the industry but simply changing it for the better — for the safety of workers and the speediness of the process. 

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