4 types of commercial building inspections

Why a condominium structural engineer is important

While an entire building collapse is the most obvious failure that can result from building deterioration, localized failures can also occur. Building owners need to take them seriously even when it isn’t a total building collapse. Even issues like a singular balcony collapse can have significant consequences.

How do you protect your building? By getting professionals — ideally a condominium structural engineering firm like Construction Solutions— to inspect it.

Knowing where to start with building maintenance and repairs begins with a qualified and certified engineer’s inspection. These engineers study for years to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, then they study under a working engineer before taking a professional engineering exam — called the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam — and completing continuing education classes.

  • Types of building inspections include:
  • Structural inspections: Engineers evaluate any structural changes like wall or beam removal.
  • Foundation inspections: Engineers examine the foundation for exterior building issues, wall movement, and floor slabs to determine whether the building is experiencing ongoing movement and if the deterioration requires structural repair.
  • Grade and drainage inspections: Engineers determine whether the grade and drainage were improperly installed, allowing them to clog and damage the structural integrity of a commercial property.
  • Roof inspections: Engineers are the roofing industry experts in condition assessment and/or cause and origin of damage. Insurance companies recognize unbiased third-party engineer expert opinions.

Regular building inspections like those listed above should occur annually, if not biannually. After an inspection, building owners should review the findings.

  • Determine whether there’s anything wrong with the building that requires professional recommendations.
  • Ensure that the engineer provides plans, details, and a written scope of work to fix the issues.
  • Hire qualified contractors who know what they’re doing and who can pull any necessary permits.
  • Construction Solutions maintains a list of reputable contractors we can recommend for the job.

Inspections are a key part of preventing tragedies like the collapse of the Surfside Champlain Tower from happening to your building. They keep you apprised of what maintenance and repairs you need to stay on top of and provide you with a road map to get it done. Learn more about what you can do to keep your building strong by listening to our free webinar.

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