How often should you do a condo inspection?

Condominium structural engineering firms perform inspections

When was the last time you had your coastal multi storey condominium inspected by more than your building manager? How about specifically by an engineering firm? The inspection process isn’t hard to complete. If there’s any struggle to be had, it will probably be in carrying out any necessary repairs, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve had a building inspection.

You should be arranging for inspections annually, and never longer than biannually. Waiting more than two years to have your building professionally inspected can come with serious problems and dire consequences.

Inspections may seem costly on the surface, but in the grand scheme, an annual inspection can actually save you money because it saves you from having to manage the fiscal and emotional cost of a building collapse or other serious incident. Not having to deal with such incidents also means not having to deal with the legal ramifications of those incidents and the repercussions of not following through with inspection recommendations.

According to the Washington Post when discussing the 30,000 clients of Association Reserves, a nationwide leader in condominium reserve study preparation, which is used to identify the current state of a condo’s reserve funds and develop a funding plan to address ongoing deterioration, 30% of properties are significantly behind in their reserve funding, meaning they hold 30% or less than the total funding they need for both planned and unexpected future projects. This can be detrimental to moving forward with vital repairs.

Arranging for annual inspections could save you from having to carry out structural repairs; conversely, a delay in inspections can result in catastrophic structural damage going unchecked. As a building owner, you don’t want to have to scramble for support in the event of an emergency. It’s best to be proactive by having a structural engineering firm like Construction Solutions inspect your building annually.

Learn more about building inspections by listening to our free webinar on the Surfside condo building collapse.

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